Prints Charming Gallery St. LouisThe history of Prints Charming Gallery is as unique as the Gallery itself. A locally-owned custom framing boutique showcasing unique gifts and home items, the Gallery was founded almost four decades ago by two best friends who loved art. It was a passion project and, rather quickly, it became known as the best place to go for custom framing options and unique artwork.

The Gallery changed ownership once during the 1980s and once during the 1990s, also moving locations to keep up with growing demand.

In 2004, while working as an interior designer specializing in healthcare spaces, Amy Miller was contracted by Prints Charming to be the art consultant for a  commercial space. After a few more engagements, Amy was offered a full time position at Prints Charming, tasked with expanding the commercial art consulting business segment. In September 2012, Amy bought Prints Charming Gallery.  Under her leadership, the Gallery brought custom framing back in-house, added staff members, expanded and diversified gift and décor offerings, rebranded, and secured the establishment’s current location at 9220 Clayton Road.

Today, Prints Charming Gallery is known for individualized, personalized service, exceptional framing designs, superior frame molding selections, extensive table top picture frame selections, extraordinary gifts at a myriad of price points, and a fun atmosphere. Whether browsing or buying, a trip to Prints Charming Gallery is an unforgettable—and enjoyable—experience.