3 Things to ask yourself before you frame your diploma…

Congratulations Graduate!  You have worked hard, studied hard, and played hard… you should be proud of your accomplishments and so it’s time to show them off!  Here are a few things to do and/or consider before you go to frame your fame:

1)  Will I need access to my diploma, certificate, etc.? Some professional organizations want a photo or scan of your document or Mom just might want to feature it in her baby’s scrapbook.  In either case, take a digital picture or scan it and store the file in a secured cloud account…or if you are old-school, a safe deposit box.  Or, when you go to have it framed, ask for bendable points or turn-buttons on the back of the frame so you can easily access the certificate if you need to.

2)  How much time, money and effort did it take for me to get this diploma, degree, certification, etc.?  Really think about it.  I bet you spent countless hours, pulled all-nighters, and possibly have the loans to prove it.  That piece of paper is a big deal!  So don’t you think you should frame it like it’s a big deal?  No, you don’t need a ridiculously expensive frame, but you do need to make sure it’s being framed with archival materials.  (On a side note, acid-free doesn’t equal archival…and that frosted looking glass called “non-glare” isn’t either.)  For a diploma-sized custom frame project, the cost to upgrade to archival mats, backing, and UV or museum quality glass is small.  Especially when you consider the protection it provides for years to come.

3)  Where do you plan to display your diploma?  Take note of the finishes in the room and the style of the space.  Also think about where you might be displaying it in the future….in an office? alongside other diplomas and certificates? etc.  These are things that you should share with your framer and keep in mind when selecting the framing.

So there you are!  Three things to ask before you frame your diploma!  I hope this has been helpful and maybe just a little bit inspiring.  I can’t stress enough how firmly I believe that for all the effort, time, and money you put into earning that document you should treat yourself (and it) to great custom framing.

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