Prints Charming Gallery gives back!

Community Outreach

Did you know that Prints Charming Gallery loves to give back to the community we are a part of?

We donate to numerous local school auctions every year!  Beyond that, there are gift cards and merchandise donated to organizations like Get the Word Out, Salvation Army, National Council of Jewish Women, St. Luke’s Hospital, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, and many more!  Every year we also participate in the St. Louis PanHellenic Ladies Night Out Scholarship Boutique!

Both Amy and Karen lend their time and talents to several non-profits, as well. Karen reads with kids at Kaiser Elementary and Amy serves in her church choir, and as a block captain in the Bevo Mill neighborhood. Amy even painted a mural at the Peter Matthews Memorial Skate Park & Garden (the first public skate park in the city of St. Louis).  Check out her work below:

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